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07 August 2010 @ 10:16 pm
001 :: PICSPAM. The Threads of ‘Exodus’  
Challenge :: Alpha & Omega for stargateland

Assignment :: Make a picspam of either a season premiere episode or a season finale of any of the Stargate television series (yes, even the animated one). Your picspam should include at least 25 images which are altered by you (colored, cropped, etc). There is no maximum.

Theme :: The threads of 'Exodus'

(1) Tok’ravs Goa’uld

see also: slippery bastard Tanith and the epic bitchfaces of Jacob and Teal’c

(2) Return of the Snakehead with his eleventy billion ships? Yeah well, Carter can blow up a sun

see also: thread number four

(3) It’sa Jaffa revenge thing

see also: not the first time this happened

(4) SG-1 > you

see also: even when they don't outright win, they're still made of win

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